Joseph Dupré, Norwich

Project Info:

“Inspired directly by Durer’s prints, and the stories from the Book of Revelations, I have tried to reinvent the story of the Martyrdom of St John, using a more free flowing monotype technique, which differs from Durer’s tighter, more controlled line.
In every media I work in, the line and the mark making are the most important. I also enjoy the unexpected marks inherent in a monoprint, such as using some heavy handed smudging to act as smoke from the fire in this print.”

Artist Info:

Joseph grew up in London in a family of artists, but is largely self taught having spent the last decade and more in full time medical training. He now balances his part time medical career with a burgeoning vocation in art, experimenting with a dizzying array of media.He has exhibited at the Discerning Eye exhibition, and been selected for the RA summer show.