Project Info:

‘All my work, one way or another, is about the apocalypse. The struggle in the gap between the ‘there and not there,’ that little place where the light comes in.’ Jo Wonder.

The Butterfly Wheel – 24 cm x 19 cm mixed media on paper. Having a reoccurring dream about a  medieval torture device involving a person on a wheel from which sprang butterflies, I thought about its possible meaning. And remembered the line in Rumi’s poem-“The wound is the place where the light enters you.”-  the character on the wheel was receiving an unveiling, an apocalypse from which spang beautiful butterflies.

Artist Info:

Her literature has been described as echoing Jeanette Winterson and Angela Carter, and Dame Marina Warner commended them for their subversive use of fairy tales in her book From the Beast to Blonde. She started out as an animator bringing to life her own stories for cinema, before she moved into performance. Performance JoWonder and the Psychic Tea Leaves was a part of Richard Strange’s Cabaret Futura, and Whitechapel’s First Thursdays. Commissioned more than once to make work by The Institute of Physics, she has illustrated a debate with Professor Brian Cox, addressing the paradoxical nature of quantum mechanics, and she is still completing a ‘Schrodinger’s Cat Box’ to support a future event with scientist Marcus du Sautoy.

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