Pato Bosich

Project Info:

For the Venice Apocalypse project, Pato Bosich is preparing a series of paintings based on book of revelation by John of Patmos, referencing Durer and the artists own symbology, the intention being a reinterpretation of the themes from his own contemporary existential point of view.

The Four Horsemen

Artist Info:

Pato (Patricio) Bosich was born in Chile on April 1st, 1978. Graduating from Camberwell School ofArts in 2004, he is a London based contemporary artist whose practice is rooted in the tradition ofpainting and whose work brings about a vast interweaving of voices such as the mythological andsymbolic as in his work with antiquity with the collections at the Britsh Museum and in his series”the dying Pythia”, the poetical and alchemical in the series “I bleed, you levitate me”, where goldenplanets” strong reds and visit urban and visionary landscapes amidst abysses and levitatingpresences. There are also explorations of the human condition and of fragmentation andtransvaluation in contemporary society which find expression in the journeying into the sea andthe unknown in his paintings of the “Ship of Fools”.He has exhibited in many major European cities, such as London and Moscow, as well as in LatinAmerica and the United States, including at the National Museum in Stockholm; the Atheneum inHelsinki; the Courtauld Institute of Art and London University in London; the MSSA and MAMMuseums in Chile, the Sberbank University in Moscow; and Pasaje 865 in Buenos Aires.